BigBullsLeague Rules

It’s here. It’s now. Show the world, why you are called the champion of #BigBullsLeague!

#BigBullsLeague, is a simple, fun contest, where you can win exciting rewards, for your Stock picking skills.

Show the world, that you are a top talent, when it comes to making winning portfolios, by picking the right stocks, at the right time. Prove that you can read the pulse of markets better than anyone else. And that, you are the best, when it comes to pull the triggers at the right time.

Compete with thousands of other investors and emerge as #BigBullsLeague winner, when your portfolio makes maximum gains, beating the best of the best.

Anyone is free to participate in the contest, provided that they are of legal age and have valid credentials towards the same, and they must be a resident/citizen of India & for tax purpose also. The contest winners will always be rewarded in the territory of India, the reward itself would be redeemable in India only & the amount/quantum of reward would be equivalent of Indian Rupees either in kind or currency, strictly as advertised, as mentioned in our various rules, policy pages and advertised content.

Users can freely make portfolios from amongst 4 available categories, i.e Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.

By creating a portfolio in the eligible category, you will be automatically entered in to the contest, once you have agreed to all the terms & conditions mentioned.

There is a limit on maximum number of stocks that can be added to portfolios, based on the time category that you choose to enter the contest. This is as listed in the table below:

CategoryMaximum number of Stocks in PortfolioMaximum times a portfolio can be modified

The number of portfolios per contest that you are allowed to make is dependent on your user-level. See the table below:

Numbers of portfolios you can make(please check user-level page)NewSilverGoldPlatinum

Rewards will be in the form of Amazon voucher/AmazonPay balance, as indicated below:

Category1st prize2nd prize3rd prizeSpecial Note

A same user(s)/username(s), in case they have multiple portfolios in a single contest category, then they will not be eligible for multiple prizes in case multiple of their portfolios occupy the top 3 positions in that contest category. Only their best performing portfolio will be considered eligible for the prize on the basis of merit/standing in the said category of the contest.

Any falsification, impersonation, duplicate-identity etc will automatically result in disqualification, with no entitlement to any reward(s) whatsoever, and ZoomStocks reserves the right to block such account(s)/user(s), or/and withdraw their priviliges as deemed fit, including the right to participate in BigBullsLeague.

Rewards will be active-duration-weighted, in case the contest for the type of portfolio under consideration (which is weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) doesn’t runs for the full duration of the respective type of portfolio, or if the BigBullsLeague contest itself starts at a time/day, which trims the respective duration by the virtue of it.

The winning portfolios shall be selected on basis of net rupee gain/loss weighted by percentage (%) gain/loss, and live-weighted-duration of users portfolios.

To be eligible for receiving rewards, after having conformed to all the policies/rules, the winners must fulfill the steps shared with them, to avail of the rewards. Successful email delivery to the winners, shall be deemed as have been acknowledged & read by them.

The Winners must reciprocate within 7 days (calendar days), to claim their rewards; in absence of which, the rewards shall pass on to the next best performers/winners, order wise, or may be annulled altogether.

ZoomStocks reserves the right to adopt a separate yardstick to ascertain winners, change the reward, add further steps required to claim the rewards, and modify its various policies/rules, without any prior notification. You agree & acknowledge that the decision of ZoomStocks shall be binding and unchallengeable at all times.

The winners of contest(s) will be listed/posted on ZoomStocks website/app, along with all of ZoomStocks’ social media handles.

ZoomStocks will make a maximum attempt of 2 times in 1 calendar week (7 days, including weekends) to communicate via any electronic medium(s) phone-call/sms/email/inbox-message-on-zoomstocks-user-profile-page; in event that you are unreachable, have not responded to any of the communication attempt(s) within the stipulated time, your rewards shall stand forfeited, shall flow over to the next eligible contestant, or even nullified altogether, as deemed fit by ZoomStocks; you explicitly give your consent to agree by ZoomStocks decision and not challenge/contest it.

Any delays in the subsequent/final delivery of the reward(s) shall not be a liability of ZoomStocks.

Any charges/costs related to the process of meeting all the requirements, till subsequent receipt/receiving the reward, and those included in the actual act of being able to/utilizing/using the reward itself, shall be borne by the winner(s), and ZoomStocks cannot be held liable to bear the same, and you agree and give your consent towards the same.

You must be one of the top-3 winners in a particular category/timeframe to be eligible for the rewards. In case of violations of general ethical conduct, using any unfair means, cartelizing, or any other practice used to influence the outcome of the contest, your entry(ies)/portfolio(s) shall be deemed invalid and your account(s) may be blocked, or/and you may also be barred from participating in the portfolio contest(s), or any other contest(s) on ZoomStocks forever.

The selection of the winner(s) shall be unanimously based on the decision, criterion set by ZoomStocks, which can be modified at any point in time, without any prior notification & the contestants undertake to not contest/challenge such decision.

Information/Documents that must be furnished as demanded, in order to be eligible for claiming rewards, if you are one of the top-3 winners in the contest(s):

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Mobile
  • Your Social media profile handle/ID/link: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • PAN Card (self attested)
  • Address proof: Utility bill not older than 3 months, Driving license, Passport, Voter ID (self attested)
  • Photo ID proof: Driving License, Passport, Voter ID (self attested)
  • Photograph (digital)

You certify that such details furnished by you, are authentic, belong to you and only you yourself, and such details/documents are currently valid with the issuing authority.

In the event, it is discovered that the documents/personal-information provided by you is incorrect, falsified, an attempt to impersonate - pass of as someone else, invalid/expired, in such case you shall be disqualified from the contest - same modalities as described in the above paragraphs and various sections of our policies/rules.

ZoomStocks also reserves the right to pursue you to the full extent of legal provisions in case of unfair practices as mentioned above related to the contest itself, any allied aspect of it, or in event of falsification of the information/details/documents furnished by you, as mentioned above.

As, if and when required, the winner(s) may be asked to share the information/news/link about their winning the contest on their social media profiles as asked by ZoomStocks, and they may also be asked to include ZoomStocks link/handle or any promotion lines/hashtags along with it. Winner(s) may also be asked to send in a short video, or a video message(s), or appear on a video call, as per the promotional agenda set by ZoomStocks in regards to the contest. In addition to this, winner(s) may be asked to fulfill any further condition(s)/requisites as laid out in official communication to the winner(s), in order to claim the reward(s)/prize(s). Failure to do so, shall render your entry(ies)/portfolio(s)/reward(s) forfeited and shall be done with as explained in sections above.

The contestant(s) also explicitly give their explicit consent towards the use of their basic personal information, along with their photograph, ZoomStocks username, links to the relevant posts on their social media as indicated in the preceding paragraph, video/video-snippets, all the particulars related to their relevant/winning portfolio to be displayed/published on any media avenue/format globally, whatsoever, as a marketing/advertising initiative/exercise undertaken by ZoomStocks, as and when deemed fit.

The contestant(s) also give their full consent to storage of their information on our servers, or on the server(s) of our network infrastructure provider. And the contestant(s) also understand that the best possible security mechanisms shall be put in practice by ZoomStocks to safeguard that information, however for reasons beyond our control, and as mentioned in Terms of Service document, ZoomStocks shall not be held liable to loss or compromise of your information, and you explicitly agree not to contest/challenge/legally pursue ZoomStocks for any such instance.

The mode of delivery of contest reward(s) shall be as per the choosing of ZoomStocks, either electronically or physically.

In case the reward(s) are redeemable at, or if to be delivered via a 3rd party, for instance Amazon, AmazonPay, Amazon Gift Voucher, etc, then for all and any modalities regarding the reward(s), or the usage of it, the winner(s) are required to contact the 3rd party directly, for any support or queries whatsoever, however, the winner(s) may also choose to contact/inform ZoomStocks regarding the issue if any, but, ZoomStocks can’t be held liable/responsible for any issues whatsoever, and no onus will be on ZoomStocks to resolve the issue; total onus falls on the winner(s) and any matter whatsoever should be dealt directly and in its entirety with the 3rd party. The winner(s) acknowledge this, agree to abide by this and give their consent to not challenge/legally-contest ZoomStocks for any such occurrence.

How to play #BigBullsLeague contest

  • Click on Enter Contest button (desktop), or click on ⊕ Contest button (mobile bottom menu)
  • Choose a Contest type, i.e. category in which you want to compete: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.
  • Name your portfolio
  • Stock selection:
  1. You can type the name/symbol of the stock you want to add, in the Asset box and select the stock.
  2. Or, explore the stocks in any industry and figure out which stocks you would like to add:
    • Click on Industry box and choose any industry you like
    • Now click on Asset box just below Industry box; all the stocks in the industry will show there
    • Select the stock you like
  • Order placement:
  1. Step-1: Choose whether you want to Buy or Sell the stock
  2. Click on Step-2 box: Order: now place order, either using:
    • Current market price (current price of the stock)
    • Or, Strike price (the order will execute when the market price of the stock matches the strike price mentioned by you)
    • Select the stock you like
  3. Click on Step-3 box: Exit: to exit the position, or close your trade, you can choose from options:
    • Automatically (trade will close at the time the contest ends)
    • Or, Strike price (trade will close, when the market price of the stock matches the strike price mentioned by you)
  • Click on Add Stock button
  • Final step:
  1. Accept the Rules of BigBullsLeague
  2. Click Create Portfolio button

That’s it! Your portfolio is now competing in the #BigBullsLeague contest!

Deduction Table

Stock Price RangeDeduction (% reduction from gain/loss rupee value)

The reason behind reduction of points from the gain/loss moves of your stock selection is as follows:

  • There is no virtual money involved in the contest
  • Mitigate the impact of big move in high priced stocks - since that makes any reasonable or even swing moves in the other lower priced shares, impossible to match up with the high priced stock move.
  • In reality, we see few investors having the gumption to pick high priced stocks, so this mimics the real-life scenarios
  • BUT, in no way, this is aimed at dissuading or discouraging any investor from participating/trading in high priced stocks in their real world investing decisions.
  • This rule is a step to ensure more even playing field for the participants.

Binding Terms, Policies

The reward(s) cannot-be/are not transferable, neither can the reward(s) be redeemed for cash/money, nor are the winner(s) entitled to make such a request to ZoomStocks.

#BigBullsLeague contest will be bound by all the rules mentioned in Portfolio Rules page & several other Policy pages, as displayed in various sections of our website/app, and subject to all conditions in “One whole binding agreement” that the user undertakes to abide by, at the time of creating their account(s) with ZoomStocks.

ZoomStocks reserves the right to change the following as and when desired, without any prior notification:

  • The rules, policies of the contest
  • The prize/reward(s) quantum, type/kind

ZoomStocks may at any point in time, without any prior notification, reserves the right to introduce any feature(s)/element(s) in the game/contest, which may require a purchase by the user(s)/contestant(s). On similar note, ZoomStocks reserves the right to withdraw any existing feature(s)/element(s) from the game/contest, at any time

Portfolio Rules

The rules listed herewith pertain to various aspects when a user chooses to create portfolios and must be read carefully, so as to understand fully the nature of information shared, eligibility for leaderboard/contests, visibility

By choosing to create portfolios you give consent that all or some of the details of your portfolio will be visible to everyone on the ZoomStocks platform, whether or not they are a registered user or not, a follower of your account(s) or not.


Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly: By choosing to make a portfolio of these types, you are giving your auto-approval/consent for the following:

  • You will be entered in to our portfolio leaderboard/contest
  • All the details of your portfolio will be visible to everyone on ZoomStocks platform (visibility, as per clause 1 above)
  • All the assets/stocks in your portfolio, the prices, the profit/loss shall be visible to everyone (visibility, as per clause 1 above)

Modifications Allowance

The portfolios can be modified, depending on the portfolio type as listed below:

  • Weekly: 1 time in week
  • Monthly: 2 times in month
  • Quaterly: 3 times in quarter
  • Yearly: 6 times in year

Which actions count as portfolio Modification attempt?

After you finish creating your portfolio, the following actions will count as a Modification attempt

  • ADD: Whenever you add a new stock to your portfolio
  • DELETE: Whenever you delete a stock from your portfolio

Timelines for Contests

Contest Start dates

CategoryStart date of BigBullsLeague contest
WeeklyMonday, 2nd November 2020
MonthlyMonday, 2nd November 2020
QuarterlyMonday, 2nd November 2020
YearlyMonday, 2nd November 2020


  • Weeks will start from Monday and end on Friday
  • Months will start on the 1st day (working day) and end on the last working day for the month
  • Quarters will be 4 in number January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December; Quarter1 will be April-June.
  • Year will always run from April-March

Performance of your portfolios

Depending on the date/time, when you create the portfolios, your portfolio performance, profit/loss will depend on following factors:

  • Creation after market hours for the day; your portfolio will deemed to be active/enter contest from next working day
  • Performance, Profit/Loss of the portfolios will be pro-rated to the time/day of creation/deemed-active time/day in terms of total working time/days in the contest period. Hence you may see only a fraction of your absolute portfolio-returns/overall profit-loss, on the platform.

Expiration of Portfolios

Depending on the “type” of portfolio and the eligibility rules, the portfolios will expire as listed below:

  • Weekly: every Friday at 3:30 pm
  • Monthly: on the last working day of month, at 3:30 pm
  • Quarterly: on the last working day in the 3rd/final month of the quarter, at 3:30 pm
  • Yearly: on the last working day in the 12th/final month of the year, at 3:30 pm
  • 3:30pm as market closes. Delay in price updates will decide actual closing of portfolio

Contest Rewards and Other Rules

All the decision(s) of ZoomStocks will be binding and final, and you accept the same.

  • Cancel the contest
  • Cancel the rewards
  • Change the mode of reward
  • Choose the winner(s)
  • 3:30pm as market closes.Delay in price updates will decide actual closing of portfolio
  • Modify the yardstick for deciding the contest winners(s)

We may choose to award prizes, rewards or benefits in either form, to the qualifying portfolios, that is, to the user(s)/account(s) who created those portfolios. However, we may choose to wait till there is a certain minimum number of active portfolios on the platform, to ensure a fair competition. In that event, you shall have no right to claim any award/prize/rewards/benefits from us. However, in that duration we will still showcase the top performing or leading portfolios in various sections on ZoomStocks platforms.

In event that due to holidays or unseen events, the number of working days don’t satisfy for the qualifying duration/category condition, in that case, the decision of the leaderboard/contest winners, or top performers will be based on solely our discretion, and you in-principal give your consent towards the same, and our decision shall be undisputed, and we can also annul the rewards for the duration in consideration.

Unless announced formally by ZoomStocks, that the portfolio “contest” has started, via any communication medium whatsoever, or through official communication, there will be no promotions/give-aways/prizes given to/for any contest/leaderboard winners/toppers; neither will they be entitled to, or stand any right to demand the same.

We also reserve the right to withdraw, cancel, annul any promotions, give-aways, or prizes for the portfolio contest/leaderboard, top portfolios, #BigBullsLeague, top portfolio makers, portfolio of the week et al, purely at our discretion at any point in time, without any prior notification towards the same. All the outstanding rewards for already decided contests, shall be honored accordingly, however, any contests still running, will be stopped at that instance itself and it will be entirely the decision of ZoomStocks to reward the leaders in a pro-rated sense, or to completely abrogate the contest altogether, without giving any rewards whatsoever - and you expressly, agree and give your irrevocable consent to abide by the decision of ZoomStocks & not to challenge it at anytime.

There can be only 1 (one) unique winner from 1 household - same residential address. In case multiple winners arise from the same household/address, the winner situated at the highest position/prize will be chosen; others will be dropped. In such case it will be as per the discretion of ZoomStocks to either display the ineligible winner on the winner list, but withhold the prize/reward(s), OR choose a next eligible winner as per merit or not, and whether to give that eligible winner(s) the respective prize/reward(s) or not, OR, take any other decision as per ZoomStocks’ discretion.

In case of low participation, which amounts to a scant field of competitors, in other words a vacant field, to render the contest a non-worthy/non-competitive one and with highly frequent instances of repeat winners, in such/similar event, ZoomStocks reserves the right to annul/bypass the winners to such an extent as in where new unique winners arise OR, annul the prizes of winners of that period altogether itself, rendering them simply the rights/privilege enough to be highlighted on the winners list, media, creatives et al in the fair spirit of competition in lieu of their performance and time/effort spent thereof, OR, completely withdraw/annul all the ongoing/past advertisements, promotions, content detailing/informing the prize/rewards, subsequently withdrawing any ongoing/future prizes/rewards to any winner(s) till the time deemed fit, to renew/restart the prize/reward give aways again, meanwhile keeping the #BigBullsLeague contest running & active in every aspect, simply minus/without the reward(s)/prize(s). All these laid out conditions can be used in standalone or any combination thereof as deemed fit by/as per the sole discretion of ZoomStocks. The user(s) herewith expressly agree to abide by these terms and also waive their right to/agree not to challenge/contest the the decision of ZoomStocks in any manner/or any means whatsoever/wheresoever, howsoever.

ZoomStocks fully reserves the indisputable/non-challengeable right to withdraw/stop awarding the prize(s)/reward(s) at any point in time, without any prior notification. In such event, ZoomStocks may or may not delete/remove any/all historical communication/advertisements/content regarding the prize(s)/reward(s)/contest, as per their discretion. However, the new regime of reward/prize(s) if any, and any alteration/modification in their quantum/kind shall be duly updated in the new promotions/content/advertisements, and on all the relevant sections of the ZoomStocks website; any error(s) still remaining will be deemed totally un-intentional, and shall be duly rectified/updated as and when brought to the attention of ZoomStocks, or as and when discovered by ZoomStocks. The user(s) herewith expressly agree to abide by these terms and also waive their right to/agree not to challenge/contest the the decision of ZoomStocks in any manner/or any means whatsoever/wheresoever, howsoever.

Open only to residents of India.