Terms Of Service

‘Terms of Service’, along with ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Disclaimer’ agreements, “together” constitute “One Whole Binding Agreement” between the users who register on ZoomStocks, and ZoomStocks/holding/parent company.

Severability: If any part of these Terms and Conditions is unlawful, void or determined to be unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions/agreement/“One Whole Binding Agreement”

Important Terms

“Platform” shall refer to ZoomStocks website(s), Application(s)

“Assets” shall refer to Stocks, Commodities, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Currency contracts/derivates, Futures, Options

“Parent” company, or “Holding” company wherever used in this agreement, or in “One Whole Binding Agreement”, both the terms refer to Silvergate Financial & Research LLP

General Statement of Risk

You understand that you use the services provided by ZoomStocks at your own risk.

First & Foremost, any content or information of any sort on ZoomStocks are the views of respective account holders/users. One must be of sound mind and judgment, to participate on ZoomStocks. The onus falls on the platform users to throughly vet all & any content or information, and consult a market expert in person, before making a decision based on the content or information presented/shared on ZoomStocks.

You should only use these services if you fully understand the risks that come associated with stock markets and social platforms, the definition of which is beyond the scope of this document.

You should be sure, of a sounds mind & absolutely confident that the product is suitable for your needs, in light of your knowledge of the associated subjects and your understanding of the stock markets, and behavioral aspects of people in general.

Risks Associated with Social Platforms

Social Platforms are associated with plenty of risks & you must ensure that you are aware of the following:

The moment you decide to either follow/message/interact with a user(s), or consider acting on a portfolio/trading strategy, you understand the risks associated fully. And that all the onus falls on you regarding any outcomes whatsoever, or whether it pertains to your subsequent usage of our Services, or financial actions taken by you, solely at your own discretion.

You understand that while making Social Interaction, information shared/seen/discussed can be of high risk, completely false & purely speculative in nature & that should you choose to act on such information, you could sustain severe financial losses.

All information created by users registered on ZoomStocks, be it portfolio performance or, any other information on website/app should at best be viewed as hypothetical. When reviewing the Content/Messages/Blogs, portfolio, opinions/advice of any user, you must not assume that they possess the qualification/expertise to offer financial advice, or are providing an unbiased viewpoint.

We, ZoomStocks, don’t represent, approve, or endorse viewpoints of any of our user(s), neither we offer any sort of financial advise on our platforms.

Your Consent

Any portion of the blog containing your personal details will be removed; repeated attempts may also impact your user-level.

Even though you are allowed to submit as many blogs as your user-level allows; we may still at our own discretion, choose to not publish your blog(s) per our sole decision, in addition to any policy violation or malpractices observed.


These Terms and Conditions cover the entire scope of Services provided by ZoomStocks as listed below in bullet points including, but not limited to the same, as we may add new services/features at any point in time, without any prior notice.

  • price information about stocks, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds
  • instrument details, company details, financial reports, and
  • portfolio maker
  • blogs
  • social interaction, networking, information sharing tools, and many others

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or any part of our Services with or without notice. You agree that we will not be liable to you or to any third party

You should note that We may have, take, or liquidate positions in any of the financial instruments that are displayed, or highlighted on our platform

In our pursuit to provide a safe environment for our users, ZoomStocks will monitor the all of users’ activity on our platform which, to block/ban any user, account, blog, message or portfolio, without any notice, at our sole discretion

Any and all services provided by ZoomStocks, do not constitute investment advice on our part. You are using a Social platform & features at your own risk, and ZoomStocks and its affiliates, associates, employees will not be liable for any harm/losses that you may sustain as a result of your usage of such features.

As under Applicable Law and Regulation and to the maximum limit, neither we, or our affiliates will be liable for

  • any loss that you may suffer by reason of any decision made or other action taken by you
  • specifically any loss arising from any investment decision made, or other action taken or omitted in good faith by choosing to trust an investment strategy and/or portfolio on our platform.


ZoomStocks provides a feature, where a registered user can create their portfolio as desired. The number of portfolios and type of stocks (stocks, commodities, mutual fund, derivatives, currency) a user may be able to add to their portfolio, will depend upon the user-level of the user, and whether ZoomStocks has obtained relevant license to display/fetch the information of the specific stock type or not at that point in time.

The prices may be from either exchanges, NSE, BSE, MCX. The prices used at the time of portfolio creation will be the ones received by ZoomStocks via the Data Provider with whom we hold license for relevant exchanges & stock types; and the prices are delayed as per the service agreement between ZoomStocks & Data Provider & can further get delayed or disrupted owing to other reasons as listed in sections herewith in this agreement.

Portfolios can be of type:

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, and Private. Besides Private, all other portfolio types may have certain restrictions built-in, in terms of number of stocks allowed in a portfolio, stock types allowed, number of edits allowed per portfolio over a certain period of time depending on the type of portfolio. If the user choses to build a private portfolio, they may wish to do so, being mindful of the fact that

  • their private portfolios will not be visible to any other user, whether registered/un-registered
  • hence, the number of portfolios shown under a users’ profile, may not match, when other users, inspect/view the portfolios of the user in question

You agree & acknowledge that ZoomStocks or its affiliates can’t be held liable/responsible for prices attributed to any of the stocks in your portfolios whether at the time of creation, editing, or at the time when your portfolio expires; as we have no control over the same; we simply pick the available price information as presented to us by the Data Provider.

You agree & acknowledge that the Portfolio features is a mock/virtual tool provided to you, with no real money or real finances involved. This is simply a gamification, to help the user keep track of their stocks, in a non-real time manner; and simply to give the user a tool to get acquainted with creation of portfolios and how to track them; thus simply to practice and improve their skills by their own trial and error, on which ZoomStocks or its affiliates don’t exert any control or decision making aspect of the same.

You agree & acknowledge that besides “Private” all your other portfolios will be visible to all other registered users, they can see the performance of your portfolio and the detail of stocks in it.

You agree & acknowledge that besides “Private” all your other portfolios will automatically be placed in our periodical (as per the type of portfolio i.e Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) contests, where the top performing portfolios and their users will get highlighted on our platform and may also receive prizes/awards/rewards/benefits. We may or may not chose to run promotions for the same, give prizes to the winners & we reserve full right to revoke such promotions, or prizes without any prior intimation to the users.

We may choose to display your Portfolios, its contents, your configuration, publicly, without any prior information. We reserve the right to render different pieces of information such as stock (stock/commodity), there sectors; might even interchange the positions as deemed fit, for either whole platform or certain user(s)/account(s)


ZoomStocks provides the feature of creating posts/messages to its registered users; whereby the user can write messages regarding any financial/economic/market aspects. The users also get features to “tag” other users or stocks in their messages.

You agree & acknowledge that:

Your messages are subject to approval; and that ZoomStocks reserves the right to remove/reject your messages at their sole discretion as deemed fit; that ZoomStocks would not be answerable to your queries as to why your message(s) were rejected, not approved to be displayed on the platform. The messages are your own inputs and not copied from any other copyrighted source or the voice of a third party whom you may choose to represent at your own discretion

The messages shouldn’t represent any Mal intent whatsoever

You will not create a nuisance by tagging other users, if they ask/desire you to not to do so; you must stop tagging them immediately. You will follow the code of conduct as stipulated and available at , to ensure that your messages are well within bounds of the code of conduct

ZoomStocks reserves the right to suspend/block/disable-features of any user for any messages that violate the code of conduct, or if such messages are frequently submitted/reported/flagged by other users and the same is found to hold good on inspection.


ZoomStocks provides the feature to its users for writing blogs.

You agree & acknowledge that:

The blogs are your own inputs and neither represent the views of a third party or any material that is copyrighted content from any source whatsoever

The blogs allow you to insert pictures; its the users’ own responsibility to ensure that the images being used are not copyrighted, if so, then give the proper attribution to the images in your blogs appropriately; and if not having the license to use such images, then the user must not use/upload such images

In such an event of copyright infringement, either the content or the images submitted by the user in their blogs, comes to light, then ZoomStocks will take stringent action against the user, and share all their relevant information, including their personal contact details with the competent authorities and the party whose rights are violated, for any action whatsoever they may want to pursue with/against such offending user.

In such case, ZoomStocks and its affiliates can’t be held liable for any damages whatsoever, by either the user or the violated parties. Full onus falls on the user to deal and accept the consequences of such an incidence.

Any portion of the blog containing your personal details will be removed; repeated attempts may also impact your user-level.

Even though you are allowed to submit as many blogs as your user-level allows; we may still at our own discretion, choose to allow user(s) special grant to publish more blogs than permissible for a certain user-level, or to not publish your blog(s) per our sole decision, in addition to any policy violation or malpractices observed.


Since ZoomStocks is a social platform which provides a common place for all the enthusiasts to discuss the very crucial, sensitive & materially impacting world of finance/markets/economy/financial instruments, we take the behavior of our users with utmost gravity.

From time to time, as within our technical and manpower capacities, we will monitor, enforce and upgrade our abilities to bring you a clean and smooth experience and content.

However, we have also given the ability to users to report/ban any content including messages, inbox messages, blogs, user account that one feels doesn’t adheres to the Code of Conduct and generally acceptable social norms or rapt with ill-intentions. In such a case, we will temporarily “screen” the message, so it becomes partially/not-clearly visible to all users, while we ascertain/inspect the information or user and determine the further course of action - this can take time and the users may see delay in the final decision taken by ZoomStocks

Since we entrust you with our faith to use these features only in appropriate cases. You must:

  • Not use this feature either frivolously or with ill-intent
  • Not use this feature to harm the reputation of a user(s)
  • Not harm the platform and its reputation itself

If a user is found to be acting against “good faith”, ZoomStocks reserves full, unchallenged right to, with immediate effect, revoke the feature for the user, revoke all features for the user, demote the user to a lower user-level, suspend the user, ban the user from platform for good.

Stock, Commodity Prices

Prices displayed ZoomStocks platform/applications, are obtained from a licensed third party, are indicative in nature & delayed, and are provided for information purposes only, and do not constitute any nature of advice/advisory service/offering by us to you.


In order to comply with Regulatory aspects, and for the general/historical record keeping, or for sanity checks, ZoomStocks has all rights to obtain, verify, and record information identifying each user, as and when they create an account with us. In relevance to the above, a user can be asked at any time, to furnish any further personal information.

ZoomStocks reserves the right to block your access to our Services, take off your information from our platform either temporarily or delete your information/account permanently, if you are unable to provide the information requested, within the stipulated time.

We take user safety strictly and put our best efforts to protect your information, pursuant to our Privacy Policy. Please ensure you have the mandatory rights & authority to register & bind your outfit to all the conditions set forth herein. Any misrepresentation, or falsification, whether a business outfit, or personal account, shall be strictly dealt with as permissible under Law & our conditions herein.

It is your sole responsibility to safe-keep your username and password at all times. if you suspect a breach, contact us immediately at admin@zoomstocks.com and title the Email as “Breach: Login information hacked”

In accordance with best practices, we may require to modify your login credentials from time to time, to ensure less chances of your information getting compromised.

Personal Identification

Whenever required by Regulatory bodies/Law, you must provide us all the personal information. In case you are a business outfit, you must provide all information such as proof of address, proof of business identity, TAN/PAN/GSTN, AADHAAR & other documents, as requested.

If there’s a change to your information, it is your duty to share/update the same, with us, within 30 days.

As stated earlier, we reserve rights to block your account in case of non-compliance.

Account Information

We will post details of your account activity on the website/app.

Account information will include some your personal details (but not your name, email, phone number etc) selections of notifications you wish to receive, block lists, active logins, people you follow - vice versa & other relevant details.

We may at our sole discretion or as under/directives of Regulatory bodies, withdraw or amend any Account Information at any time.

You understand due to software, network, programming issues, there can be significant delay or error in representation of your information.

Multiple Accounts

You are free to create multiple accounts, subject to following conditions

  • We reserve to right to view all accounts as one combined/singular identity
  • To limit or combine those accounts on our platform, under one singular account at our own discretion, without any prior notice
  • We also reserve the right to deny the ability for anyone/a person(s)/a business outfit(s) to be able to create multiple accounts at our own discretion

Once deemed that your account is inactive, we reserve the right to block/limit your access/usage.

We may send you a notice/email/communication with steps to activate your account again.

Your account may remain blocked till you haven’t taken the requested actions to address the situation.


ZoomStocks reserves the right to communicate with you by email, online messaging/discussions, telephone, postal mail, or any other mean of communications, whether such communication is addressed to you personally, or broadcasted to our entire user base.

You hereby give your consent to be accepting of such communication & delivery of it, shall consider being viewed by you, whether or not you choose to open that communication or not.

Promotions, Marketing

We reserve the right to modify, withdraw, or cancel any & all promotions at any time, without any prior notice.

Any attempt to rig the outcome/beneficiary of our promotions, by a person/group/business outfit(s), will result in:

  • temporarily/permanently block/suspend/terminate the Services, or close/delete such Account(s)
  • remove/deduct any benefits/privileges (user-level of user, nature of account, highlighted information/blog/portfolios/messages) which might have been granted to such users
  • Deny any future participation by such account(s)

We may at our own discretion, on detection of possible infringement, or unethical methods to sway the results of contests/promotions, choose to not honor our obligations, choose not to offer the benefits to the user(s)/account(s) under suspicion, choose to bar the user(s)/account(s) from any further participation.

Contests on ZoomStocks

We, from time to time, or on a continual basis, may choose to, run several contests for all, or a group of users on our platform. The contests could be in form of Portfolio performance; Quality of user contribution to platform as a whole, or for certain stocks; quality of Blogs written by the user, or any other such event as we deem fit.

We reserve all rights & the sole discretion to:

  • ascertain the winners/beneficiaries for all such contests
  • mark user(s) ineligible for such benefits owing to collusion or rigging, to the effect of swaying the outcome of such contests
  • withdraw prizes/benefits promised/portrayed, without any prior notice
  • in case, where a tie is observed in terms of winning users, we will use several of our internal metrics to ascertain a winner/winners; the user(s) shall have no right in selection, or knowing about selection of such metrics

ZoomStocks reserves the rights to show, display to the user(s) third party commercials, advertisement, promotions as and when and where and at whatever frequency, as desired on its website or app or on social media handles.

These advertisements may or may not lead to a web-page, or website, or app install page, or any other internet page, as per the link shared by the Advertiser with ZoomStocks, when the user(s) click on the Advertisement itself, or on the action box area or any other part of display area of the Advertisement.

ZoomStocks assumes no liability, or indemnity, or liability of any nature whatsoever once such Advertised link is clicked by the user(s), as to, what happens to the user(s) session after the link is clicked, what happens to the user(s) device, whether/and how the user(s) interacts with the destination of the link, whether or not the user(s) registers/signs-up for the services as offered by the destination link or company or service provider, the experience/outcome/financial-outcome of the user(s) if they choose to take such advertised services and all other pertinent/implicit/or explicit perspectives encompassing these circumstance thus described hereby, emanating from the event of the user(s) clicking on Advertisements on ZoomStocks.

ZoomStocks is simply displaying the Advertisements to the user(s) and not in any manner promoting, supporting, or endorsing either the Advertiser(s), or the services of the Advertiser(s), or the destination link of such Advertisement(s) in any aspect(s).

It is purely and solely the choice of the user(s) & user(s) only to decide to interact with or click the Advertisement(s), and depending on the user(s) action, all the above aspects are well understood, apply and agreed by the user(s).

All the Advertisements shall be marked with the label/words “Ads”.

The Advertisements displayed via third parties for instance Google Ads, Taboola et al, shall bear the marks/labels as per the third parties policies, formats which is beyond the scope and control of ZoomStocks.

Third Party

If you so decide to grant your account access to any Third Party, We shall not be liable for any consequences/damages arising out of such an arrangement.

Entire burden is yours.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (“IP”) encompasses all stocks explicitly mentioned herewith, but not limited to: copyright, word-marks, trademarks, logos on both mobile/website/apps, software codes, icons, creatives, characters, designs, trade secrets, call to action elements, color schemes and multimedia/graphics: are & shall remain the sole and exclusive property of ZoomStocks, its holding/parent company, owner of the Trade/Wordmarks/DomainNames.

This shall be as per and binding to all the domestic and international Intellectual Property laws & Vienna code conventions.

Your rights remain fixed and solely centered to mere “usage” of our Services and nothing beyond it. You undertake not to remove or use for your own purpose any material that infringes on the IP rights of ZoomStocks and its rightful owners.

Unless you have obtained written permission from the rightful owners of ZoomStocks, you have no right to reproduce, or use for your own purpose any material related to our website/app/platform.

You are allowed to share the links to content on our website/app, on third parties/apps/websites, but that shall not construe any endorsement of the other parties product, content, website/app, or agenda, by ZoomStocks; in effect that is simply your own willful act of sharing a piece of information to a third person, and you have no rights to act as our representative or endorser.

Your Information on ZoomStocks

We, being a Social platform, inform you that your information, such as your username, your profile image, your geographical location, gender, your presence on other networks, the list of users who follow you, and vice-versa the list of users whom you follow, list of stocks that you follow (stocks, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds, currency contracts/pairs/derivatives), and any network status/posts/blogs/comments and any other content, or information, or action, that you post/enact on our websites, that is, comments, portfolios, feedbacks,, “likes”, “reshouts”, “ratings”, “shares”, user/account “ban/reports”, user/account “blocks” and/or all information that you provide to us via our apps/website, or via any other means of communications shall be considered non-confidential.

We reserve all rights & you expressly grant such rights to us, to present your such details on any of our platforms/websites/apps, including the details of your portfolios, unless you have specifically selected the option of “private” while creating your portfolio.

In case you are registering on our platform, via third party login, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, we will receive & store only the information shared by that particular network with us, for the purpose of creating your account. Other information that you provide us, or if you choose to modify your personal information through your profile on our platform, that shall fall in the scope of the paragraph above.

Your communication with ZoomStocks, on ZoomStocks platform

All Interactions with you via any means of communication shall be recorded and kept on record with us, as a proof of your interaction with us, the particulars of the same, and to tackle a situation of any disputes that may arise howsoever.

Regulatory laws/orders may require us to keep such information safely with us forever, and we may also have to share it with such parties on proper request.

Your communication/content on ZoomStocks platform

You must be the rightful owner of the content you share/post on our platform. You must refrain from infringing on copyrights of any person/organization and sharing them on our website; if such scenario occurs, then we reserve the right to terminate your services, block/delete your account, and further report to relevant authorities as the case may be.

You must not make any explicit statements about your qualification or suitability for offering investment advice/options to users on ZoomStocks.

You agree that you will not post any content, or commit any action/activity on ZoomStocks platform related to:

  • Pornography/Nudity/Sex/Sexual content
  • Hate speech/Racism/Discriminatory content
  • Violent/Offensive
  • Solicit personal information or Login credentials
  • Marketing schemes
  • Malicious software/Virus/Spam
  • Compromise confidentiality of users on our platform
  • Obtain/Compromise/Misuse financial credentials of users on our platform

All content, which is including, posts, reactions, comments to posts, blogs, comments on blogs, is subject to approval of ZoomStocks, at our sole discretion, as per the conditions laid herein, in addition to those mentioned in above paragraph.

  • Collusion to achieve an outcome of any manner, via manipulating platform users
  • Attempt to misguide users
  • Attempt to swindle users
  • Attempt to spread misinformation
  • Attempt to lead/trick users to perform a certain action(s)
  • Attempt to manipulate users
  • Attempt to trick users in general
  • Repeated attempts to disrupt discussions, conversations amongst users, by inserting, frivolous, non-subject-matter messages
  • Promotional content, including offer for services, including any sort of contact information
  • Copyrighted content, plagiarism, or content republished from news sites or any other information channels/blogs
Content Moderation

ZoomStocks desires to keep a safe environment for all its registered/unregistered users/visitors. To pursue such effort is no small task and the exhaustive means to achieve so perfectly is beyond the scope of this agreement.

We will do the best within the means of resources & technologies available, affordable to us.

All the content created on ZoomStocks will have to pass through the admin(s) at most of times, barring when due to any reasons, the platform is running in auto-pilot mode; the applicability of this condition depends on the class of user(s) per user-level privileges, as described in the user-level section, where certain user(s) are allowed to post content directly, without having to go through customary admin(s) check.

Due to nature of admin(s) resources/technology available with us, the delay in approval by admin(s) may range from few minutes, to many hour(s); and this will be subject to proper functioning of our platform along with network technicalities, thus, any malfunction anywhere in the chain, may severely impact the timeline for moderation decisions/decision-making process.

You expressly agree herewith to these aspects, and shall not be liable for any claims/damages arising out of such delay(s), against ZoomStocks/its employees/Parent company/Associates.

All these aspects will also be applicable to the event of a user(s) reporting any content(s) and awaiting the admin action on the same.

We reserve the right to go to any level historical depth and ban/block/delete user(s), content(s) as deemed justifiable going by several guidelines/rules/code of conduct mentioned in this agreement.

Content on ZoomStocks

We strive hard to bring you best features and relevant content from markets. This entails News (from authorized vendors & links to other websites), Market data, Stock prices, Charts (simple & technical), sending you regular newsletters about popular things on ZoomStocks, and regular snapshots of updates about your activity on ZoomStocks.

Nothing herein constitutes investment advice, or endorsement by us. We are simply providing you various tools, which you may, or may not find useful in your investment making analysis/decision at your own discretion and at your own will; ZoomStocks is neither advising, nor guiding, or asking you to make any investment whatsoever, wheresoever, in the first place.

We don’t promise or provide any warranty regarding the accuracy, or timeliness, or disruption of such information/content.

You must carefully evaluate all the representations/claims/comments/articles/blogs/calls posted by our platform users, before committing to make/making an investment decision based on such information.

Even in cases, where it is explicitly mentioned that the content is authored by an employee or the member of ZoomStocks’ staff, even in that case, the views expressed will be considered as solely of the author(s) and not that of ZoomStocks or its Parent.

We will make every effort possible within our resources, to administer the content created by users(s)/account(s) on our platform, but can’t be held liable for any gaps, or below-par efficacy of our efforts, as we are limited by our financial, human resources prowess to build robust, complex systems to deal with the same. You expressly absolve us of any damages arising out of this purview and expressly renounce your right to pursue ZoomStocks/Parent/Holding company in this matter.

Loss, Limitation of Liability & Indemnity

We shall not be liable to any costs, loss, damages, liabilities experienced by you, the user(s), as a result of being unable to use the Services offered by us.

You undertake all the risks & consequences arising out of relying & using any information, or content displayed on our website/app. You forego your right to blame/sue us, or demand any damages, or losses arising out of your own willful decision to rely and act on such information, or content.

We make no express warranties regarding continuous availability of our website/app/platform, or no availability at all of the same

Neither any information/content on our app/website should be considered as an investment advice, or a call for action for you to indulge in to investment activities based on the same

We shall not be liable to any loss, costs, expenses, damages arising out of usage of our services by you, or your affiliates, or any third parties authorized by you to act on your behalf

In event of breach of Terms and Conditions, you must keep indemnified ZoomStocks & our concerned affiliates, associates

Technical Aspect

You understand that issues regarding Internet, Wireless networks, Software, Hardware, along with issues relating to Licensing with data providers, technical problems with data providers & Hacking attempts can prevent us from offering 24x7 functional platform/features to you, as these situations are beyond our control.

We shall not be liable for your inability to use our services in an uninterrupted manner.

Business Aspect

You understand that a business depends on vast variables, factors. In worst case scenario we may have to shut down our operations. In such case we will delete all our users information, including all their content and activities.

We will not be liable to any disruption of your ability to use our services, or for loss of all your information that you created on our platform.

Unacceptable Usage

You must neither attempt to, not employ any Software or third party to:

  • Scan all the information displayed on our website/app
  • Link/embed any content whatsoever on our applications/websites through frames or any other technology to display on your own device/app/platforms/softwares
  • Hinder the usage of our Services
  • Compromise the security/confidentiality of our users
  • Rig the calibration of various features/tools/pointers/interactive-quantifiable-discernible-information viewpoints of users collectively
  • Hack in to our systems and steal information, destroy our software, insert bugs, render our Services inoperable - in such event maximum force permissible under law shall be availed and applied
  • Threaten the services, users, the brand, the experience in any manner

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is unlawful, void or determined to be unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Sanctity/Rights of Terms of Service

You have no right to cancel or modify these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to modify/annul these Terms and Conditions at any point in time at our Sole discretion.

We shall duly notify you via any means of communications mentioned in this document, once the Terms of Service have been amended. The successful delivery of this notification to your email, or any other mode of communication as shared by you, shall be deemed as your acceptance of the changes to the Terms of Service, regardless, whether or not, you have read the the amended/new Terms of Service or not. Even your continued usage of ZoomStocks shall be deemed your acceptance.

Effective from date: August 01, 2023

Support, Contact

We welcome you to reach out to us for any general query at info@zoomstocks.com

For any issues please email admin@zoomstocks.com

Registered Office:

Silvergate Financial & Research, LLP

170, 2nd Floor

Kohat Enclave




Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

All the Terms and Conditions laid herein, shall be governed by the binding Laws of the Government of India, irrespective of the nationality & geographical location of the user(s)/account(s).

The place of jurisdiction shall be New Delhi, India.