Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to make users of our service aware of all the information collected from them and the ways & purposes for which it is used.

ZoomStocks is a public platform, a social network, a community, a forum, open and accessible to everyone across the world. You can make use of our service to view details about Equities/Stocks traded in India, on BSE & NSE exchanges. And of Commodities traded on MCX exchange.

You can easily register/signup & partake in interactions with fellow users & with various other features provided on the platform, once it is launched; we currently reside in pre-launch phase.

‘Terms and Conditions’ along with ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Disclaimer’ agreements, “together” constitute “One Whole Binding Agreement” between the users who register on ZoomStocks, and ZoomStocks/holding company.

Severability: If any part of these Terms and Conditions is unlawful, void or determined to be unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions/agreement/“One Whole Binding Agreement”


"Signup" shall mean signup or registration or signing up or registering for using services offered by ZoomStocks

"Launch" shall mean when the services of platform are live, launched & open for everyone

“Pre-Launch” shall mean the time-period prior to the date of launching the services offered by ZoomStocks on its platform web/mobile.

Information Shared

The information elements listed below are necessary for us to render our services to you.

Account Name

You can choose any available username (there’s a “check availability” tool in registration form). You can choose to use your actual Name, or an alias, or a pseudonym.

You are free to create multiple accounts.

Publicly Displayed Information

We always display only your username on your profile page & in all the other sections of ZoomStocks.

Personal Information

We don’t display your First, Last or Full Name, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, Email Address, Your income level, Your Social Accounts/handles, irrespective of whether another user is signed-in to ZoomStocks or not.

However this information maybe shared with our partner network, advertisement associates, program partners, marketing agencies as per our discretion. In case you are unaccepting of this, you can choose at anytime to delete your account, in case if you are in process of creating one, you can choose to not do so.

We do not sell your data.

A user(s) can at anytime easily “deactivate” their account (Hold, or Delete), as they desire. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your account(s)
  2. Click on user/profile menu
  3. Select “Account Settings”
  4. Click on “Delete Account”
  5. Here, you will see 2 choices in front of you, choose as you desire:
  1. If you wish to put your account(s) on “Pause”, please check that option → click “Next” → again please check the option → click “Proceed” and then click on “Yes” on the prompt. You are done.
  2. If you wish to “DELETE” your account(s) permanently, please check that option
    • Click “Next”
    • This will delete your account permanently → please check that option and click “Proceed”
    • Click on “Yes” from the confirmation box
    • Enter your password → click “DELETE”

Also, please take note that we don't ask your “Contact Address” information at either during your account(s) creation stage, or as an editable/option field under your “Account Settings” → “Personal Details” section. Hence, since we have no record of your home/office/etc address(es) so you need not worry about deletion or updating of the same.

In case you choose to delete your account with us, we do preserve all your data in our systems; we remove all your information/content/identity from our platform; the record keeping is essential for us to ensure we have the past records to deal with any sort of exigencies, or lawful requirements, and to ensure all our records remain accessible to investigate any severe issues/complaints of either civil/criminal nature brought to our notice/reported by people/regulatory bodies/law enforcement agencies, or as observed by our systems/employees.

However, every user(s) has the option to request for permanent deletion of their data from our system(s). To initiate this process, the user(s) must send an email to admin@zoomstocks.com with the subject of the email clearly stating in capital letters: “PERMANENT DATA DELETION REQUEST FROM ZOOMSTOCKS PLATFORM”. And in the content of the email, the user must specify their “username” clearly along with all the details of their request. Finishing the email with “I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND AND AUTHORIZE THIS REQUEST”.

To cancel your request, you must send a fresh email no later than 3 weeks from your original deletion request email. The email should be directed to admin@zoomstocks.com with the subject of the email clearly stating in capital letters “RETRACT, REPEAL MY PERMANENT DATA DELETION REQUEST”. And in the content of the email, the user must specify their “username” clearly along with complete reason(s) for firstly initiating the delete request, and the reason for then subsequently requesting to retract/repeal the request. Finishing the email with “I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND AND AUTHORIZE THIS REQUEST”.

In case the user(s) has requested REPEAL/RETRACT, then the user(s) shall not be able to request a deletion again till a “cooling” period of 1 month has expired. This is to prevent frivolous activity/user behavior, and irresponsible use of our system(s) and resources.

Upon the receipt of your deletion request email, you shall receive a response in no more than 3 weeks from the time of your email to us. Then, as per the applicable Cyber, Privacy, IT, Criminal law(s) in India, and the general guidance of relevant authorities, we shall include in our response, the future date till which your data shall be preserved, after expiration of which, we shall permanently delete all your data from our systems. Keep in mind, no recovery of your information shall be possible after the expiration point in time.

During registration process we store your data in our systems, regardless of whether or not, the user(s) has/have registered successfully or not. This helps us and enables us to inspect & rectify any errors, or track any malicious attempts and towards smooth functioning of our registration process.

Account ID

Account ID, or User ID(s) are unique for every user(s) who is registered on ZoomStocks.

We may share your Account ID(s) with third parties, solely in order to understand user behaviour on ZoomStocks website/apps, including installs, usage of features etc, which would further enable us to improve our existing features, and offer newer or more enriched features in future. You Account ID(s) may also be shared with third parties, to enable ZoomStocks app to send you notifications on your mobile device/handset, regarding your activity, or other users' activity on your content, or messages being sent to you etc and other such events, including official/important/other communication sent by ZoomStocks itself.

Advertising ID

We may share the Advertising ID(s) of a user like GAID (Google advertising ID) with third parties purely in order to measure and track the performance of our advertising campaigns to promote ZoomStocks on popular social media applications. Further, to monitor the user behaviour as described in the section above titled “Account ID”.

We do not use this information to show Ads to you.


Wherever we are required by the Law & Law Enforcement Agencies to share your information, we will do so as per the formal directives received.


We do keep records of your geographical information at the time you interact with our registration process regardless of whether or not, the user(s) has/have registered successfully or not, and while exploring our website or mobile app. create your account with us.

We also keep record of your IP address (internet protocol address) when you create your account with us.

Same process holds true in the scope of your device’s IP address (internet protocol address)

We also track your IP address in order to display all the active sessions, speed across your devices, so that you can easily monitor and manage the sessions, and even check for any misuse, or unauthorized access or device.

We store your login information using third party services in terms of device, Internet address (IP), day and time. We do this solely for your benefit, to ensure that you have full certainty that it is indeed yourself, who is accessing your account from your trusted devices and locations.

We thus are able to present this information to you from your settings page, where you can see your currently active session.

In case you deem that a connection/device/location is not pertaining to you, the you can simply “terminate” that session from the button provided next to the session/device in question.

And you must simultaneously report the relevant details to ZoomStocks, so that we can monitor & prevent such future behavior, to the best of our abilities determined by the expertise in terms of technical and Human Resources. In case of any cyber attack or similar incidence et al, we may or may not be able to stop such future occurrences, if we don’t have the counter-abilities to manage the same, within our ambit. In such case, ZoomStocks assumes no liability to any misrepresentation that takes place on your account, neither can you hold ZoomStocks/third party/affiliates responsible/liable to the damages arising out of such an event.

We may use this data to offer our services in a better manner to you, improve our platform & may share this with third parties, to further ensure better delivery of services to you.

We also keep record of your last location as a security measure, in case of any events of unauthorised access or usage of your account, or in event your device is compromised.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the rights to revise this policy. In such case, we shall provide you a notification by means of either your registered email, or your mobile number if shared with us.

The successful delivery of this notification to your email, or any other mode of communication as shared by you, shall be deemed as your acceptance of the changes to the Privacy Policy, regardless, whether or not, you have read the the amended/new Privacy Policy or not. Even your continued usage of ZoomStocks shall be deemed your acceptance.

Effective from date : August 01, 2023

Reach Us

We can be reached on our email: info@zoomstocks.com