Terms & Conditions

‘Terms and Conditions’ along with ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Disclaimer’ agreements, “together” constitute “One Whole Binding Agreement” between the users who register on ZoomStocks, and ZoomStocks/holding company.

You should proceed with cancelling/deleting your account immediately if you don’t approve of Disclaimer, Terms of Service once the same have been published.

Severability: If any part of these Terms and Conditions or “One Whole Binding Agreement” is unlawful, void or determined to be unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions/agreement/“One Whole Binding Agreement”

Now, set forth as in the passages below:

User Information:

Usernames you choose, should not be profane, obscene or vulgar. In such case, your account would be blocked, or you may not be able to create your account.

Falsifying information is strongly discouraged. In event of any unauthorized credentials, false personal information, misuse, or impersonating another individual/individuals/outfit(s), ZoomStocks reserves right to Block the user account. Such an action can be taken on complaints received & verified, and under directives from a lawful agency, or if noticed & verified by ZoomStocks & its staff.


We are running various promotions on Social Media & other mediums, where we are marketing our brand/website & other allied aspects.

These promotions can range from pre-launch signups/registration, giveaways, user-level upgrades, free report/content, or any other offering. Any offers/ promotion thus advertised remain strictly under discretion of ZoomStocks, in reference to:

  • offers being stopped at any point in time without any prior notification,
  • award of offer to individuals only after being duly verified for their credentials shared in the process; any delays beyond 2 days in verification may lead to the award being cancelled and given to the next eligible user
  • the launch of the product being deferred due to various reasons associated with running the business - in this particular case, ZoomStocks will not be liable to any show cause or explanatory notice/request for information.

By choosing to register/sign up, the user is giving in principal consent to the privacy policy listed on the registration form, as well as on the website menu/ pages.

The user abides by all terms & conditions listed herewith & undertakes to behave on the platform in an ethical, non-sabotaging, non-violent, non-hateful manner.

To further clarify, we are promoting giveaways to monthly top performing portfolios; the number of such winners, the amount or quantum/nature of giveaways remains totally at our discretion; we may also choose to not grant any giveaways at all, till the total number of months portfolios reaches 500, on our platform, to ensure that there is an apt number of participants and fair competition to warrant winners. In case of hint of collusion, we reserve the right to discredit/ remove the account(s)/user(s) from winning list, and may also choose to ban/block such accounts

From time to time we may also run promotions whereby users may be given a user-level upgrade. We may ask the users to fulfill any other criterion(s) before we could award the user-level upgrade, as deemed fit at the time, at our sole discretion; and reserve the right to pull off the promotion(s) at any point in time without any prior notice.

Our Undisputed Previliges

Over and above all the rights reserves by us throughout the clauses contained in “One Whole Binding Agreement”, you further agree, submit yourself to the privileges enjoyed by us as listed below

We reserve all rights to, based on all the conditions/clauses listed under “One Whole Binding Agreement”, and including our own discretion, evaluation or liking:

  • Suspend/Block/Ban/Report a user(s)/account(s)
  • Ban/Report/Delete any content
  • Treat and give merit/credit to any content, or any user(s), or any account(s) as desired
  • Endow user(s)/account(s) with privileges as desired and to our liking


The user agrees to receive communications from ZoomStocks which can be in the form of Mobile notification, Desktop notifications, Mobile App notifications, Emails, Newsletters, Postal mail/package, WhatsApp (if authorized via mobile app, or desktop).


ZoomStocks shall not be liable to any indemnity/damages on account of any of the conditions arising out of any of the preceding sections. The users absolve ZoomStocks, its employees, associates from seeking any damages whatsoever.

In-Principal Approval:

By accepting Terms & Conditions, set above, the user hereby is giving in-principal approval, and is in agreement to abide by the Terms & Conditions, and undertakes & understands, and binds themselves to all the clauses/conditions set forth in “One Whole Binding Agreement” as mentioned at the start of this document.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the rights to revise this agreement. In such case, we shall provide you a notification by means of either your registered email, or your mobile number if shared with us.

The successful delivery of this notification to your email, or any other mode of communication as shared by you, shall be deemed as your acceptance of the changes to the Terms & Conditions, regardless, whether or not, you have read the the amended/new Terms & Conditions or not. Even your continued usage of ZoomStocks shall be deemed your acceptance.

Effective from date: June-14, 2021.